WebBeacon (Website Monitor) v1.35 [Premium]

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WebBeacon (Website Monitor) v1.35 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.4 and up
Overview: Monitor websites and receive alerts when they change with WebBeacon by creating beacons that track web content and check in the background automatically to detect changes. Simply navigate to the website you wish to watch using WebBeacon's browser and select the content you want to watch, whether it's the whole website or only part of it, and receive a notification only when your selection changes.
WebBeacon tracks your navigation through its browser, such as when you click or type something, so that it can navigate to the content on its own in the background, allowing you to watch content that can't be seen through a direct URL, such as needing to login first or needing to click buttons before seeing the content. This ultimately frees you from needing to stay on a website and check yourself by continually refreshing.
– Beacons watch websites or parts of websites in the background for changes and alert you when they change, even if the web content requires clicking and typing to reach
– Can work for logins
– Each beacon has its own menu that includes various options, as well as a copy of the website you are watching for quick viewing
– Beacons each have a logbook packed with features to allow for quick and easy comparison of changes to the web content
– An automatic browser that allows you to see exactly what each beacon is doing in the background and how it reaches your selected content
– Customizable frequency for each individual beacon, among other options
– Plenty of convenient and customizable options to change how WebBeacon works as well as how it looks
– Lots of visual feedback such as countdown timers and statuses so you know exactly what your beacons are doing at any given moment
– A beautiful interface that makes WebBeacon a pleasure to use
– A Chrome-like browser that makes navigating simple and convenient
Get even more features with WebBeacon Premium:
**At this time, WebBeacon is only available in English
What's New:
• Fixed various problems that could occur with notifications displayed in the notification drawer
• Updates to background service
Premium Features Unlocked
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More Info: credit sserratty
Code: Select allhttps://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.webbeacon&hl=en
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