Grobo Apk Mod Revdl 1.0

Grobo Full Unlocked for Android Apk Mod Revdl

Grobo Apk Mod Revdl
Grobo Apk Mod Revdl

Grobo Apk Mod Revdl : In the mysterious and metallic world of Megatropolis, an adorable robot named Grobo awakens. With the ability to shift gravity and walk freely, you must guide Grobo to solve mind-bending puzzles on his journey exploring Megalopolis. However, the world is dilapidated and abandoned. Digital remnants of the memories of those who once lived there are scattered around, seemingly haunting the place. Grobo doesn’t want to be here alone. Grobo will have to brave the haphazardly trapped world to uncover its truths, quest to restore it, and hopefully find a friend.

Each chapter of Grobo’s adventure unveils a new piece of the story, leading him one step closer to finding the truth that is hidden within his ominous world. Brimming with environmental hazards, gravity-shifting debris, and lore-filled collectibles, you must be methodical when harnessing gravity and traversing new areas to guide Grobo safely on his journey. Prepare your wits and join Grobo on his adventures. Who knows? A friend might be closer than he thinks.

Grobo Apk Mod Revdl
Grobo Apk Mod Revdl

• Entirely touch-based controls that can be played with one hand or both hands

• 48 levels of complex and diverse puzzles that will challenge the way you think about gravity

• 5 chapters of deep narrative full of endearment, hardship, and mystery following Grobo’s quest to find a friend and the fall of Megalopolis

• Painterly, hand-drawn style paired with an enchanting soundtrack. We recommend using headphones to get the full audio experience.

• Distinct and colorful locations brimming with hazards, traps, and collectible lore

• Designed only for phones, the game can be played in portrait mode on any mobile phone.

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Explore as the gravity shifting robot, Grobo, and unravel the mysteries and lore of Megatropolis through 48 mind-bending puzzles Hotfix
-Level P-6, “Mind the Gap” will no longer forcibly lead you into scenarios where the only move you can make will result in a game over
-More aspect ratios supportedAfter popular demand:
-Options added in Settings to disable the level background parallax
-Options added in Settings to disable the landing assistance

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  • Updated: 2019-10-13
  • Current Version: 1.0
  • File Size: 113 MB

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